Introducing HeART Connection, a meditative art practice

A letter to you,

HeART Connections came from my own process of self discovery. Very early in my life, I was drawn to words of wisdom. Finding inspiration from outside of myself. As I grew, I realized that what I sought was really soul work, a deeper connection to within and the greater world. I had no idea the impact of a daily drawing practice would offer until I started graduate school in art therapy. It is here that I found this connection and came to realize my process.

I continue this process… the joining of a simple assignment of a daily drawing journal from a professor and my self exploration through mantra and wisdom… sometimes sourced from my own core or inspired by others. Some days I ponder, some days are pure flow, while others are analyzed for understanding. Sometimes, my insight is profound in my life and other times, the connection is quite simplistic. The process shifts and changes as I need… meditation, breath work, integration through tapping, or writing… I trust that process in where it guides. Through it all, I have developed an acceptance of me, a deepened connection to my spirit and greater vision of being.

This may all sound a little “woo-woo” to you or maybe you are completely knowing what I’m talking about… I didn’t go out looking for this… it found me through a natural trust of my own curiosity. You have that within you too… Today, I invite you to join me on this simple path of self exploration… You are welcome to join along in a group setting, or pick up the quotes or intention here… My mission with Chartreuse Center is to remove the barriers to the help you seek by offering supports that are available anytime or anywhere… I hope by offering both a group and the short videos that we may connect to each other and deepen our own internal knowing…

Warm wishes to you, Julie

Visit to register for the HeART Connections online group.