Join in or Catch a Replay of Online Sharing Circles

Sharing Circles are your way to connect or participate when you are available. Each Sharing Circle meets weekly and typically is a smaller group though the limit is 95 participants. The group closes after the first 10 minutes.

When you sign up for a Subscription or a Single Program, the Join In link will be the first lesson of a program.  For easier access, you can the images here to take you to the link for the live and the replays. 

Weekly Schedule:

HeART Connection Monday 10am

Your Story of Grief Monday 12:30pm

First 52 Wednesday 10am

***No Programs July 1 and July 3

Life happens and sometimes the schedule needs to change. Be sure to check here for updates.

Click the program of the live or replay you would like to join or see…  See you soon

Heart Connection

You are agreeing to the Sharing Circle Group Agreements when you join in person. Please share what you are comfortable, keep your camera on, and be respectful of others. You will be removed if your camera is off. The agreements are quite typical and intended to keep platform safe and welcoming.

Group Agreements

1. Your experience is your own and is not open to comparison.

2. Respect each other’s, experiences, differences and worldviews, it’s a great opportunity to learn about other.

3. Participation is expected though share only what is comfortable for you.

4. Please keep your video on and silence your audio unless you are sharing.

5. Allow others to share, avoid monopolizing the conversation.

6. This is a Sharing Circle and not intended to serve as mental health counseling. Please seek proper counseling and therapy in your area if you are in need.

7. All participants are in a growth process, please avoid advice giving or attempts at fixing another’s situation.

8. No bullying, harassment, mean spirited behavior toward others.

9. This is a NO ADVERTISING or SELF PROMOTION zone.  Please refrain from explicit selling or adverting while in sharing circles.

10. I understand that those that violate these agreements will be removed from the online meeting.  Ongoing violations will result in a removal from the Grief on the Go App (3 strikes your out).

Sharing Circles are recorded for you to catch a replay. Choose your Sharing circle above☝️ and the replay is under the Join information. Recording stops after the facilitator shares their experience and up to 3 participants share that are comfortable with recording. It will be announced that the recording will come to an end and those online will continue to discuss.

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