Most of the time, we face a life obstacle and we have the resiliencies to cope and return to our center. There are times we face a profound challenge that alters the assumptions we once held. We are forced to confront our beliefs, subsequently realign, and then grow from those experiences.

We all have a bit of Chartreuse in us if we want it. Chartreuse arrives as that place of authentically knowing yourself and allowing yourself to dive a bit deeper. We no longer accept the facade. We are ready to do the work of piecing ourselves back together after we felt we became shattered. Chartreuse is that compassionate exploration that is a beautiful cross-section of growth and enlightenment that becomes our new way of living that helps us feeling like ourselves again.

Chartreuse Center was founded in 2015 to address the lack of specialized private counseling support for bereavement and infertility concerns. Focus grew to 3 key transitions within the family:
Grief/Bereavement ❤︎ Fertility Support ❤︎ Transition to Parenting

In 2018, National Online Programs were introduced to extend accessibility to those that prefer self-guided supports, live in areas with minimal supports or may have barriers to obtaining services. When Covid-19 Pandemic challenged in-person sessions, Chartreuse Centerwas prepared and had already offered Virtual Tele-Health Counseling Sessions for those that are home bound, live in remote areas, or weather interfered with in-person sessions.

Only 1 of You
Grief is Unique to YOU
Bereaved Supported
Years of Companioning Grievers
Grief Programs to Help You Adjust to Your New Way of Living

Chartreuse Center Mission

Chartreuse Center's mission is to expand quality, specialized support for those facing life changes and reduce barriers to education, information and support through technology for those grieving the loss of a Loved One, coping will fertility and family building challenges and adjusting with perinatal and new parent life adjustments.

When loss happens, we grieve. It looks and feels different for each of us. Our relationships with those that died may have been loving, caring, supportive and kind. Other times, relationships may have been difficult, trying, hurtful or even abusive. Grief is tough, though there is so much personal benefit for understanding it. Grief is now part of your life.
Take time to get to know yourself. Chartreuse Center Programs help you do just that... Lessons and activities are pose ideas to consider and apply to your life.
Grief changes over time. You are ever changing. You may be able to reflect on your growth through grief. There may be times it seems you are going backwards... you are not as you are able to realize you have had a similar reaction before... Grief is full of twists and turns, ups and downs. If you take time to get to know it better, you will realize just how amazing you are.

The uncomfortable truth is that grief forces us into a life shift that either we didn't expect or even want. Get to know your grief better... Get to know yourself as you are now. Some days we will live breath to breath, moment to moment. That, too, will shift as you adjust to your new way of living.

Julie Blackburn, Owner of Chartreuse Center
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