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Storytelling is a part of grief.  We hold tight onto memories… Your grief has a story too.  Enroll in Your Story of Grief to explore your relationship with your Loved One and your emerging into a new way of living.

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A story behind every memory, every photo, every recipe passed on through generations. What’s yours?

Our history is worth preserving. We learn from our reflections and return to our felt senses of important moments. Recent Loss? Loss 10 years ago? 20 years ago? All the stories are to be shared.

Do you remember…

The smell of holidays in your home?
Or that time you just couldn’t stop laughing at the most inappropriate time?
Or that time you were so sure you were right, and yet …Were you?


Each of our stories is unique and that is a wonderful part of life. Stories are meant to be shared… to feel, smell, laugh and cry and bring us back to that time when…

Groups are the best way to share these stories. I’ve lead these types of groups since 2009. I’m honored to offer the program online and though an app.

After the death of a Loved One, we are left to figure out how to live in a new way. These memories can bring forth all sorts of emotions the first times we visit them.

In time, we learn how to connect with memories in sorrow and sometimes laughter. And we eventually accept that we may even feel both at the same time, and that is okay.

There is so much to do within our grief. Not to mention so many ways to actually grieve.


You have your own story of living and grieving. These stories help you learn how to live in this new world while we grieve.

So many stories… Where do we start?

Your Story of Grief meets 4 weeks a month. During your subscription, you will be able to explore topics, work the steps of deepening your connection with each story, and sharing.

The program rotates through 11 topical prompts.  3 days after you complete a story prompt, the next ones are available to you.  This gives you some room to breathe into the process before going into the next topic.  This also helps you to control the pace of your program.  There is no “too slow” or “getting behind.”

At the end of the year, you could have up to 40 stories!

Don’t worry, you will be given the story prompts and the format to follow.

The general themes are:

Coping Strategies – Learn benefits of breathing, acupressure, and expressive therapies to help as you embark on exploring your stories.

Unforgettable Moments – Those stories that surround important Milestone Moments and Special Days.

Caring, Loving, Living – Without these three things, there would be no stories…

Good Days & Tough Days – Not everyday was a great day… and that’s okay to talk about.

Capturing & Holding Stories – Explore ways to hold onto the work you are doing within the program.

Gifts of Everyday – Stories of everyday life… things that make you go hmmmm… even a funny story.

Teachable Moments – Life is full of lessons, what did you learn from each other?

Pedestals and Valleys – Just as we are fallible, our Loved One was too… we are just human after all…

You, Me and Us – We have parts were we intersect in interests and values and parts where we differ from our Loved Ones…

First, Then, Next – It may not seem like it, but you’ve changed quite a bit since your loss.

Tending Your Grief Garden – This explores various aspects of life that have helped you along in your grief.

Who Am I Now? – This is an amazing story of transformation – Your Story!

After you have gone through the lessons, you can repeat as long as you like. Prompts are different each time you repeat the program based on the time of year.

Each time you join, your mind will pop up with different stories or you may come with an idea with the topic of the week.

You are welcome to stay as you are working the stories and until you are complete. There are NO commitments to complete 3 months, or 6 months, so it makes sense to come and stay for a while.

This program is available for individual purchase.

You will have a 1 year access to the program from your date of purchase.  You are welcome to participate in the Your Story of Grief Sharing Circles through participating in the Live Zoom Call or more passively through watching a replay.

In the program, you will see the Sharing Circles Module.  If you miss a circle, you may watch when it’s most convenient for you.  Circles close after 1o minutes. If it fills, then you can still watch it live.

***When you participate in the sharing circle, please know that the introduction and guiding through the steps is recorded.  Recording stops when sharing begins for your privacy.

When you are enrolled in this program, You have the opportunity to share a story on the YOUR STORIES OF GRIEF PODCAST that is currently in production.

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