7 Week Mindset Reset


Mindsets shift as we experience more parts of life.  Grief and loss is a hard, hard time in life.  It can take work to see the world again. Active attention to how we view our selves, our experience and our world benefits your transition into your new way of living.  Enroll today.

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I don’t know about you, I was not taught how to be happy... either I just was or I had to figure it out. When I became an adult, I started searching for joy, satisfaction, contentment. It’s been quite a process, needless to say. I learned so much and have lived an intentional life since 2011!

What’s even better is that I’m sharing how you can live with positivity and joy too!

Depending on the concerns in your life, how are you doing with all of this? The 7 Week Mindset Rest course will walk you through, step-by-step, to integrate Positive Psychology strategies that really work. This program offers discussion, activities and daily practice for you to receive optimum benefits from the program.

This is what you can expect:

❤︎ Daily practice of daily intention or affirmation setting.

❤︎ Weekly discussion and activity of important topics regarding your personal positivity.

❤︎ Concise lessons are easy to fit into a busy life.

❤︎ Tools can be applied to life right away.

Can you imagine how you life may change when you begin to live intentionally and really learn how to take in and hold onto joy?

What area of life may be different? Work, relationships, as a parent, with your health and well-being, your family?

What do you suppose you would learn about yourself? About others? See in the world around you?

These steps and approach can be applied across the board.

New little backyard friendImage: Little Back Yard Friend

Chartreuse Center Online Courses offers courses that are

❤︎ convenient and available when you are

❤︎ offer lessons that are in bite size pieces – micro lessons that fit into a busy schedule

❤︎ incorporate mind – body approaches with expressive components to give you the best opportunities for incorporating the lessons into your everyday life.

❤︎ priced appropriately – less than the  rate of one professional coaching or counseling session

❤︎ a self-help approach, a supplement to counseling or coaching – not intended to replace counseling or therapy.

You can get back to feeling like you… And maybe even better than before.

I’m here to walk you through the process. It’s 7 Weeks… It’s work. And I make it as simple as I can.

You have found a way to re-ignite your life… Now it’s time to take the steps toward your transformation!

I can’t wait to get started!

Image: Heart Clouds

It can take 67 days to incorporate a new habit… 67 DAYS!  

So, we are going to take you there… You have 21 BONUS DAYS of Intention setting and posting. These days are for you to transform beyond being prompted as a student to walking the walk…

This is what you can expect in your BONUS DAYS:

❤︎ Opportunity to stay in practice for 21 days in addition to the 7 Week Mindset Reset.

❤︎ Become self directed – post your intentions and personal observations on your own. You’ve got this!

❤︎ Continue that commitment to yourself, your own sense of positivity, happiness & joy.

I have no doubt that you will make significant changes in your perspective.

This extra time will help you “level up” and take you to that next step to Living an Intentional Life!

A heart for you!Image: A Little Heart for You

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