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We all are effected by loss and grief at different times of our lives. Some times the experience is more intense than you have ever experienced and this may be the first time looking for support. Various aspects of life shift or are shattered and you don't have to face this alone. Art is an amazing expression of our experiences. Please feel free to post and share your artwork about Infertility, Loss and Grief.
Chartreuse Center
Chartreuse Center
Chartreuse Center specializes in support services for those living with grief and infertility. Over the last week, I asked what you would like Chartreuse Center to focus on regarding Online Programs. You spoke and I heard!

There were 119 respondents for the Online Fertility Support Survey
There were 672 respondents for the Online Grief Support Survey.

The video shares the results of the surveys. Thank you all for you input! I look forward to supporting you the remainder of 2020 and in 2021.

With Love,
Chartreuse Center
2021 Survey Results are IN!
Chartreuse Center specializes in support services for those living with grief and infertility. Over the last week, I asked what you would like Chartreuse Cen...
Chartreuse Center
Chartreuse Center was live.
It's been a while. I find myself with a little quiet time and thought I'd check in. I've been distant for a bit. As I emerge, I have greater clarity and conviction. These hands are very capable. My intention is heart driven. None of us succeed alone. I am seeking insight and cheerleaders to further this passion. When we love, we will eventually grieve. When life is faced with struggle or life changing health concerns, we grieve as we adjust. Walk beside me as I have walked beside you.
Chartreuse Center
Chartreuse Center
Chartreuse Center
I'm looking for some feedback and your thoughts... Your insights will directly impact Chartreuse Center's online programs. My intention is of service and offering options that are wanted and needed. This is where you come in...

Take a minute literally 60 seconds) to answer 5 simple questions about online fertility/infertility support programs... The survey is completely confidential. Click here for the survey:

You will receive a 20% discount toward any Chartreuse Center online program as a thank you for your valuable time and thoughts once you complete the survey. Many thanks to you!
Chartreuse Center
Chartreuse Center
I'd love to know your thoughts. Your responses will shape the online programs created by Chartreuse Center. It really matters what you think and prefer.

I'm wondering... if you experience a death in your life, what type of online grief program would you prefer? Take a minute of your time to answer 5 check boxed questions... Seriously, it only takes about 60 seconds... And the questionnaire is completely confidential.

Click this link...

This super quick questionnaire asks for your email address... (which is actually 1 of the 5 questions). After you complete the survey you will be given a 20% Discount Code for any Chartreuse Center online programs as a thank you for your time.

I value your time and trust. Thank you for helping create intentional programs that matter to you.
Chartreuse Center
Chartreuse Center
How many distractions do we have in an hour, a day or a week? Have you really ever thought about it? Once there is some pause and recognition of your distractions, YOU can do something about it.

I grew my family through foster care adoption. One of my children has profound ADHD. He's a great kid, funny, and extremely talkative, not to mention busy. He's always on the go or asking questions. I truly understand what it means to have distractions. And I can only imagine what it's like in his mind to live with the pace of his beautiful brain.

My life looks much different now than it did BC, Before Children and certainly Before Corona. I was feeling quite under productive and decided to learn about my workflow... I noticed that I was misplacing MY OWN distractions.

You see, I have made accommodations within my life to be present for my family. Yes, being a wife and mother takes time but it's not the problem...

It's so easy to displace the problem as being outside of ourselves. It's a hard truth to realize the issue is stems from an internal false narrative... a personal fiction, as my Adlerian friends would say.

At the end of the day, I get in my own way and get caught up in my own distractions. I might become discouraged if I someone doesn't like an idea or pause when a marketing plan lacks responses. I may FEEL my time is not my own when I have been unclear about my needs or am inconsistent with personal boundaries on my own time by allowing interruptions.

By taking the time to understand my responses, I now have better discussions with my family about my work/life balance when working from home, I'm a bit more patient, and I can get myself in check about my own vulnerability and confidence.

What does your distraction really look like? I mean REALLY look like? It is YOUR distraction, not anyone else's. I've shared mine... I'd love to see yours.
Chartreuse Center
Chartreuse Center
I just started a new sketchbook. There is something special about those first marks. They are meaningful. They are lasting. They are looked at time and time again.

What if we started each day with the same intentional action? Would that change your approach? Would you tackle your days in the same way?

Here is a glimpse of the beginning of a new time... what that means exactly, I’m unsure and I’m okay with that. That not knowing is more comfortable than before. I’m more focused on what CAN BE and my part in it...

What type of mark will you make?

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