Get Ready for the Cost of Dying Report

Have you heard of the Cost of Dying Report? Well, if you are in Human Resources, you want to know about this…

It’s an amazing undertaking to research the true impact of grief. Yes, each person will experience grief in their own way. However, it’s important to note that for some, living in a new way is a remarkable transition. Not everyone will be in need of grief supports, though there are those that significantly benefit from grief groups or counseling.

How does grief present itself in the workplace and are employers really offering benefits that set their employees up for success during important life challenges such as the loss of a loved one? We’d like to think that folks can just leave their “personal stuff” at home and be focused at work. Though work can be a useful outlet to do something known or familiar, people carry all sorts of aspects of life with them regardless of where they are. In essence, grief shows up when it does.

Check this out… On, they write that “94.5% reported suffering from at least one negative physical or mental symptom after their loss, and 84% said that these symptoms had a harmful effect on their daily life.” This tells me, that employees are being impacted and their work is too.

Grief and loss remain tough topics in our culture… We are certainly getting better. How does your business attend to an employee’s loss? Do you send flowers and stop there? Have you considered programs like First 52 that send psycho-education to an employee for their first year of grief?   Fill out the Employee Wellness /Community Interest form to start the conversation.

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